Patient from Greece. Moderate degree heroin addiction. Passed the full course of drug addiction treatment in July. Received three month Naltrexone implant with following renewal three months after. Currently is out of drugs. Physical and mental condition is satisfactory and stable. No craving for drugs. Planning to continue with Naltrexone implant protection for the next 6 months.

dr Alexey: Alexander, we would like to hear your story about your recovery. How was it, what was the result? If you don’t mind please tell us about it. What country are you from?

patient: I’m from Greece.

dr Alexey: When was the first time you tried drugs?

patient: It was about 10 years ago.

dr Alexey: Did you have any treatment before?

patient: Yes, I had treatment, in Spain.

dr Alexey: When was it?

patient: It was about three years ago.

dr Alexey: What was the result of the treatment?

patient: Not good, because I relapsed few months after I came back.

dr Alexey: It means for the last three years you were continuously on drugs?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: What kind of drugs, please tell us?

patient: Heroin mostly.

dr Alexey: What was the daily dose?

patient: It was about 2 grams, 3 grams a day.

dr Alexey: Every day?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Have you ever tried self-medication, or cold turkey and what was the result?

patient: Yes, I’ve tried both and the result was relapse after few weeks.

dr Alexey: So you think that it’s really hard and you are not going to do it again?patient: No, it was too much painful.

patient: No, it was too much painful.

dr Alexey: How did you find our clinic?

patient: I found it through the internet.

dr Alexey: Did you have any concerns about the treatment at the beginning?

patient: Yes, I had. I was afraid that it’s going to be painful the first few days.

dr Alexey: How long was hospital treatment for you?

patient: It was 14 days.

dr Alexey: How did you pass detoxification? How did you find it?

patient: OK, painless completely.

dr Alexey: How did you feel during detox?

patient: Not bad, I mean, comparing to the other options I’ve tried before it was much easier. I didn’t feel any pain at all. It was really good.

dr Alexey: It took for you two procedures, two long procedures to be cleaned completely.

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Why did you decide to undergo naltrexone programme?

patient: Because, for one, it would keep me away from taking drugs, because it locks the drugs from going into my vein and making me, so it’s pointless. So, it means that it stops me from thinking about drugs.

dr Alexey: What kind of naltrexone therapy are you receiving?

patient: I have an implant.

dr Alexey: For three months?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: What do you think, does naltrexone protection make you more secure?

patient: Yes, it does. It stops me from thinking about drugs, because I’m not able to take them anyway, so…

dr Alexey: So, in other words you have to control yourself.

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Do you have any, or feel any side effects of naltrexone?

patient: No, not at all.

dr Alexey: So, three months after the hospital treatment, what do you think about the result of the treatment? Did it help you?

patient: Yes, Yes, it helped me more than anything else I’ve tried before.

dr Alexey: Currently, are you satisfied with the results of the treatment?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Are you satisfied with your current condition?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: How do you feel at the moment?

patient: I feel really good.

dr Alexey: No craving for drugs?

patient: No.

dr Alexey: Physically fit?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Do you work?

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: What is your relationship with your relatives?

patient: It’s really good now.

dr Alexey: Tell me what are your plans for future?

patient: I will continue to take naltrexone implant until I feel safe.

dr Alexey: Certainly at least one year.

patient: Yes.

dr Alexey: Ok. So you are going to London. Hopefully we’ll see you next time in three months. Just please be in touch. Whatever you have to tell us, please contact us. Every time we’ll be ready to help you.

patient: Ok. Thank you.

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