Hi I’m Polly, I’m addicted to crack and heroin and I drunk far too much … I thought this thing will make me more confidante and happier but they didn’t and they destroyed my relationship with everyone around me, damage, my mom, my dad and my brother wasn’t even talking to me.

I pretty much self in the back quite a lot and I have to work as a prostitute to have a money for the drugs as well which I will never go back to.

Before I came here I was trying to withdraw myself and get myself clean but I couldn’t do it this times my head wasn’t in there enough and I didn’t came here quite for me but more for my family and for my friends. But this clinic is really change my mind and it’s manage to get my head in to the right place to get myself clean for myself as well as for everybody else.

If I had any shivers or cold or anything then I could ask for medicines and they will be given, and if I couldn’t sleep then I would ask for medicines and they would be given.

Everyone was always be very friendly to me, very kind and very carrying it is love comradely with a group of other people. Other patient that are here everybody gets a long with each other and has a lots of funny enjoying part of being here.

Naltrexone implant for 12 months

I came here for Naltrexone implant for 12 months which I know have and it’s a great backup. But it s always a worry when it s starts to run out about her absence.

I been in treatment here I never hear about it before and I just decided to give it a try and it did a wonders to my mind, it really did.

I didn’t think it is possible to get rid of cravings for heroin you had I didn’t think that it could be possible but now I turn my head around completely for loving heroin and wanting heroin and destroy my life for heroin showing me that it destroy my life and I hated heroin and I don’t want it.

Now I feel quite confidante to go out into the world, well, and to live whole new drug free life what I didn’t before like it was impossible, and now I think I can and it’s amazing.

In our hospital for heroin detox , we have patient from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, Sheffield , London , Newcastle , Leeds , Bedford , Glasgow , Nottingham , Southampton , Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham , and also from Usa , Boston, Baltimore, Brisbane, Chicago, San francisco. Also from Thailand, Massachusetts, Melbourne, Minnesota, Italy, Hungary, Greece , Austria , Poland , Germany, Bulgaria…