Im from UK United Kingdom. I smoking heroin for 10 years, 10 solid years been pretty difficult for me as well.

A had family problems and all troubles i get myself into. My wife research on the internet about this place where do detox and implant which is in Belgrade. So we look on the internet and phone to doctor and he told us about procedure so we flew from manchester airport to Belgrade and we got here on last tuesday evening.

We talk to doctor Alex, and he was really good he explained everything about procedure , how everything work. And basically my wife went back and i stayed here.

My treatment start on wednesday . I have heroin problem for 10 years which its long time and obviously they gives procedures, and procedures was really god, i did not feel withdrawal symptoms, no nothing basically is no pain no nothing.the treatment is absolutely perfect.

From my experience this treatment is one of the best plans going in Belgrade its very god treatment. Im gonna leave clinic today, and fly to London tomorrow. I’m gonna implant done here which is very god job,and hope get stay clean in the future and make my future better.