Heroin detox success stories with english translation.

Daniela: Hi, what’s your name?

Alberto: My name is Alberto and I come from Italy.

Daniela: Ok, Alberto, what kind of problem did you have, why did you come to Dr Vorobjev hospital?

Alberto: I came to the hospital because I have smoked heroin for five years, 3-4 grams a day during the first period and then 2-3 grams before I came to the clinic.

Daniela: And why did you decide to come for a treatment now, what had happened?

Alberto: For quite some time I’ve been trying to quit using drugs, but I suffered pains and… I couldn’t look people in the face.

Daniela: I understand. And was this treatment here painful or painless?

Alberto: No, no… It was painless… I felt some pain in my legs, but very little… almost nothing compared to what I’ve been experiencing in Italy… There they give you only methadone and that is merely swaping one substance for another that also causes addiction.

Daniela: How much time did you spend here, how long did the treatment last?

Alberto: 14 days.

Daniela: Which procedures did you undergo?

Alberto: Well, I had three ultra rapid detoxifications and ibogaine therapy and they gave me various medications…

Daniela: I understand… and how do you feel now?

Alberto: Good, like a new person.

Daniela: Excellent, and who is waiting for you at home now?

Alberto: My whole family and my job.

Daniela: And what are your plans for the future?

Alberto: I want to change my life, change my hobby, and do my job as I used to, looking people in the eyes.

Daniela: Thank you.

Alberto: You’re welcome, thank you.

In our clinic for heroin detox , we have patient from all over the world: London, UK, Leeds, Brighton, Southampton, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bedford, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, and also from Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Usa , Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy…