I had a really bad crack and heroin addiction. Initially I was addicted to crack and alcohol and then heroin came on the scene and that just replaced the alcohol completely and I spiraled out of control.

Before going into the clinic, Dr Vorobiev clinic, my biggest concern was withdrawals, because believe you me they are the hell on earth. And I was just absolutely shocked how smooth the transition was, I felt absolutely no pain. It felt like going for a 12 hour sleep, so that was great.

Throughout all of that the staff were fabulous, no stigmas from any of the staff. One of my biggest ‘thank you’s goes to Jelena, one of the psychologists here, who I actually call my angel, because she’s seen me at my absolute worst. But she’s also seen me at my best and I’m smiling now, so that’s good.

Once I was out of that drug environment and I had no more stimulants coming into my head from, you know, the drugs environment, it forced me to sort of filled my mind from within, from within my soul and my real me started to come out.

After my Ibogaine I started drawing again, so that’s fantastic. And now I’m just looking forward to getting back to a normal life, to going home and hopefully getting a job and getting a puppy called Phenix. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but I do feel like the whole process is like a rebirth of mine. Oh, and the food isn’t too bad either, so thank you to all the caterers and the staff at the clinic as well. So thank you.