I’m 28 years old, I come from Canada, Toronto, near Toronto, 100km away. I was addicted to fentanyl for about 3 years and I was on 45mg of methadone on top of that, when I came to the clinic.

How did you start taking fentanyl?

I started off with oxycodone, went to hydromorphone and then eventually fentanyl. So I use for about 3 and half years, altogether.

I didn’t hear about the clinic, my brother actually heard about the clinic and he told me about it and we looked into it together and it was a lot cheaper option that Canada, obviously. In Canada it costs about $30.000 for rehab, and we’re also from Serbia, so we came to visit family on top of that. It was two birds with one stone.

The treatment here was fantastic in my opinion. When I came here the first day, I wasn’t really ready for quitting, my mind was still thinking about drugs, as I had done drugs just before leaving for the flight from Toronto to Zurich and then finally Belgrade. But already on the second day my mind switched from thinking about drugs to thinking about getting better and fixing myself, getting rehabilitated.

The results were excellent. They were better than I expected and they were way faster than I expected. I’m a few days of schedule, I guess.

My plan for the future is to stay here for a few months, 3 months, get another implant just in case and then go back to Canada and start working.