I was an opiate addict for very long, about 7 years and the last year I’ve had a burnout and additionally started to intravenously use opiates and cocaine and it was quite a big problem. So the burnout and the drug addiction were a parallel problem, it was maybe caused by each other whatsoever. I’m happy I’m here and got healed.

How did you find our clinic and what made you decide to choose it?

I was searching the internet for several clinics, my mother helped me, because as a drug addict it’s like you’re a child. You can’t search for it yourself, you can’t live for yourself, it’s not possible. So mother helped me a lot, she found this clinic, it’s one of the best. They care so much for someone and you see that doctors really want to get you well.

Are you satisfied with the results of the treatment?

I am absolutely very satisfied with the results.

What are your plans for the future?

I have too many plans for the future. First of all, meet my family, assure them that I’m well again and then in a half a year, after rehab, after I build up my body again, because I’ve lost a lot of weight then I’ll start to work and business will begin again. I’m ready for a family, ready for a new life and I’m happy about it.