Can you tell us what was your problem?

I had an addiction to tablets and to alcohol when i first came in.

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I hurt myself when i was taking tablets and that stressed me out and i started drinking a lot, throughout last…probably two years. And to calm myself down i started using medication that you can get without a script. And then I found somebody to right the script for diazepam.

Ok. Have you been on some treatment before?

I did. When i was treated… it was also a clinic, but it wasn’t anything like this one. They, in a sense, just clean your system and send you on your way. Whereas here the difference was they put all their efforts and all their psychologists, all their psychiatrists and everybody to work on your specific case cause every person is different. Some people are able to leave after one week, some people are able to leave after one month and still not be well, and others figure themselves out.

Ok. Can you tell me how this treatment helped you?

The treatment helped me because from the very beginning i felt comfortable and i felt safe here. And i did treatment called ibogaine which completely changed my life. I started feeling emotions again, and i started even realizing that even if something hurts or something makes you angry it is still a human emotion that you are supposed to feel. Whereas before i was numb to everything to every kind of emotion. I would react the same way if I’m happy as if when I’m mad or upset about something.

What are your plans now?

I’m going to stay around the clinic a little bit. I’m going to come back and get my implant so i stay on track and then I’m going back home to work.

Thank you.