I’m 26 years old from Sweden and I have abused fentanyl for about a year and before that some other opiates as well. Which led to fentanyl, and that has really changed my personality, changed my life, changed what I want to do. Because in my whole life, some part of me has always wanted to do the right thing, to get my goals. To get what I really want and another part of my brain has always wanted drug, craving the drug. And I knew it was the wrong choice, but I took it anyways. And I’ve been trying to stop it with fentanyl many times, had never succeeded, always relapsed.

I heard that it was like 80% people succeeds

So me and my brother, we searched on the internet and found Ibogaine. And I read about it and it sounded too good to be true and when something sounds too good to be true it probably is. But my parents said we have to do it and I said “Yeah, well, we will give it a try”. I heard that it was like 80% people succeeds, then I’ve said “Then I’m definitely in the 20% that doesn’t succeeds”. So we searched for Ibogaine, we said OK, we’ll give it a try.

This clinic, Dr Vorobiev, were the first one to answer, they answered everything, they were very, very good at answering and asking the right questions. So we booked a flight immediately, we went there and I told my parents.“Yeah, this is going to work, this will be fine”, but inside I didn’t even think it will work. But when I came here they asked me “Do you have any hidden drugs at home?” and I said no.

And when I did Ibogaine, and I’ve heard it’s like a really, really bad experience. For me, well, for some people maybe it is, but for me it wasn’t such a bad experience. I saw my parents, I saw my family sitting depressed, I saw people falling down, down, down… Death, death…

Why are you so happy?

It wasn’t scary, but I saw it and experienced it, then it started to wear off and when I woke up I was changed, because I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t stop laughing. The guy next to me he started to laugh at me, because I was laughing. And he asked “Why are you so happy?”, and because like you know, of all the time of my addiction. I knew that it’s the wrong choice to go, the fentanyl choice. I knew that the right way to go is to follow my dreams, follow my goals, but when I woke up that craving for the goals, for the things that I really want. Were like 100 times bigger and my cravings for fentanyl were 100 times smaller.

Because before when I thought about fentanyl, even when I was here, before I did Ibogaine, when I thought about smoking fentanyl I could almost feel it. Now when I think about it, I don’t even feel pleasure. I associate it with bad things, it’s wrong choice and now I’m so excited and happy and thrilled to follow my dreams.

And the thing is, this, what I’m telling you now, it sounds too good to be true. And I thought that too before, but it’s not. The success rate is true. Even though maybe it doesn’t help everybody, but it helped me, for sure. And this feeling, I hope this will last forever, otherwise I will do Ibogaine again.

And this place here, Dr Vorobiev, everybody has been so nice, they look happy, it’s been a whole good atmosphere, because when I first came here I didn’t feel so comfortable, but now it feels like, well not like a home, I could stay here more days than I have to, because everybody is so friendly and everything is good here.

Ibogaine saved my life

So literally, Ibogaine saved my life. I do not understand why Ibogaine is illegal in some countries, because it’s not a pleasurable feeling, it’s not a very bad feeling either, at least for me, but it helped me. I’ve always wanted to follow my dreams, I’ve always wanted to do what I really wanted to do, because I thought I will do it later, I’d rather smoke some fentanyl. And that spiral has been going on and on…

I would try to quit and didn’t manage to quit, but after this Ibogaine it feels like all that part of me that craved the drug is gone. Of course, if I think of fentanyl, I know that, yeah, it would give me a rush or a feeling, but it’s not worth it, it’s not good! And that feeling, it’s hard to take in, I can’t.

Since yesterday when I woke up, I’m just smiling, I’m happy, everybody’s like “Wow, you are feeling good, right?” and I’ve told everybody about Ibogaine. Everybody who hasn’t tried Ibogaine have to try it, because it can help people so much, because you get a new start of a new life.

Right now I see so many opportunities. And in my whole life I’ve had so many ideas and I was always like “Oh, this is a good idea, but I’ll do it later, later, later” and then the idea pops up from someone else. Oh, f***, I should have done it earlier, well… And then I keep smoking fentanyl.

I don’t think I would ever be able to stop

Now, I know what I have to do and I will do it because I feel that I have the energy and the motivation and the craving to really fight for it, really put in all my work to succeed in what I want. So I can just say thank you to this place that gave me my life back, because if I hadn’t taken Ibogaine, I don’t think I would ever be able to stop.

That’s the truth, because I’ve tried to stop so many times and it always comes back, always comes back. And Ibogaine changed that, it resets the opiate receptors, you know. The opiate receptors are damaged, because of the abuse, but this resets it to normal, so you don’t have the craving anymore and that’s the most important thing I would say.

And also, you associate it with everyone you harmed, everyone you hurt, family, the close persons in your life… They’re feeling so bad because of your problem and I knew that before, as well, I knew that before. But even though I took fentanyl, even if I knew my family were hurt.

 I want to do what I wanted before the drugs

But now, with Ibogaine, I saw it, and it resets my opiate receptors, it must have done, otherwise… You know what, I didn’t tell you the last thing. They asked me if I have hidden stuff at home, I said no. When I woke up, I told them “I have hidden stuff and I’m going to get rid of them by myself”. I would never have told them about my hidden stuff if I didn’t really wanted to quit. I don’t want the drug anymore, I want to do what I wanted before the drugs.

And since I’ve lost so many times, I mean, I’ve almost died so many times. When you use fentanyl, you use it and you pass out, you wake up, you use it more, you pass out… It keeps going, going, going, going, going… I mean, I was near death many times, I suppose. And right now, I mean, I could have been dead right now, but I’m not.

And thanks to Ibogaine and this place here, I have my life back and I think I will never go back to fentanyl. I could put my life on it. Of course, I can’t know for sure, in the future, but it really feels like I never ever again will take fentanyl. So I really recommend Ibogaine.

Because Ibogaine is medical

And to those politician people that made Ibogaine illegal: F*** you! That’s what I say! Because Ibogaine is medical. It’s not a pleasurable feeling, it’s not a very bad feeling either, at least for me, maybe for some people, but it saved my life. And if it can save life, make it legal, at least for medical purposes.

Everybody who is addicted should try it once or twice or three times, I don’t know, I don’t know… For me one time helped and I’m so happy, you know. Now, I have to stay one more day, but if I could choose I would just go right out and start with what I want to do. Because I want to start a company, I want to finish my studies and I have a plan for it.

Now, I don’t have a computer in this place, because I can’t have a computer here, but I’ve borrowed papers and written down everything. Because now it feels like I want to use every time, to put that time into the work that I need to do to accomplish my goals. And that feeling makes me so happy. And the more I do it I get more happy. I haven’t been this happy since I was a little child on Christmas Eve. So I recommend this with my whole life. That’s my story.