Hello! Could you please introduce yourself?

I’m ***, I’m from Italy and I’m here. For the first time I was here to detox myself from heroin. The second time, after two months, I was here for an implant of naltrexone and after the third time I’m here for Ibogaine process. And now, for several months, I’m clean, without no drugs.

With no substance, after the treatment in our clinic. Did you do any treatments in other clinics, before this treatment here?

No. I was staying in community, but impossible, it’s impossible for me.

How do you like this treatment? What do you think about this treatment?

It’s perfect.

Would you recommend it to other people who have problem with addiction?

Yes. When I find some guy with some problem of addiction, I’ll speak about you.

What are your plans for future now?

For future? Family, to find a good girl, have family and never return to my old life.

Great! You have our support and we wish you all the best! Thank you very much!


In our clinic for painless drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Bedford, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Austria…