PATIENT: Hi, I’m from Italy. I had a problem with Methadone addiction. And I was seeking for help.

DANIELA: What was your dose of Methadone daily and how long did you use it?

PATIENT: 50mg per day for almost 20 years.

DANIELA: Have you ever tried self-medication or medical treatments at other clinics before?

PATIENT: Yes, i tried self-medication and few medical treatments at different clinics as well.

DANIELA: What were the results?

PATIENT: Unlike that time I wasn’t satisfied with the previous results.

DANIELA: How you find Dr.Vorobiev Clinic?

PATIENT: I found it on the Internet. I watched few video about the clinic on internet as well.

DANIELA: Why did you choose that clinic? What did they promise?

PATIENT: They promised fast and comfortable drug detoxification.

DANIELA: Did the treatment solve your problems with physical and psychological addiction on drugs?

PATIENT: Yes. Now, when the treatment is over i can say: Yes. It did. I feel good and safe. I am happy that I went through detoxification so easy.

DANIELA: Was the treatment expensive?

PATIENT: Not at all, if you compare it to other clinics.

DANIELA: How long did the treatment last?

PATIENT: I stayed in clinic for two weeks.

DANIELA: How was the treatment? Was it hard? How did you feel during the treatment?

PATIENT: Well. It was rather comfortable.

DANIELA: Did you feel the symptoms of withdrawal during the treatment?

PATIENT: Basically not.

DANIELA: And what kind of treatment was after completion of detoxification?

PATIENT: I received Naltrexone implant.

DANIELA: Did you take ibogaine too?

PATIENT: Yes, i did ibogaine therapy as well.

DANIELA: And what about ibogaine? What can you tell about that?

PATIENT: I can’t tell you much… It is very individual. But I feel that my mind is absolutely blocked out of drugs.

DANIELA: I means you don’t feel need for the drugs anymore?


DANIELA: Absolutely?

PATIENT: Absolutely.

DANIELA: So, ibogaine helped you to solve the problem with psychological addiction too?

PATIENT: Yes, yes… It is a pity that it is forbidden in Italy, well…

DANIELA: At the end, what do you think about Dr.Vorobiev clinic and received treatment? Could you recommend it to other people?

PATIENT: Yes, of course. I recommend it to everybody who wants to get rid of drugs.

DANIELA: Ok, thank you very much.

PATIENT: You welcome.