Methadone addict success stories with english translation.

I brought my daughter to this clinic because she wanted to get rid of methadone. She was very afraid of withdrawal crisis and Italy didn’t provide any possibilites for treatment. We arrived here and she was a bit afraid in the beginning, because here, at certain moments, they put people to sleep for many hours in order to detoxicate them without them experiencing any pains due to withdrawal crisis. I’ve seen that it works great. The doctors are extremely professional, as well as the nurses.

Every patient gets 24-hour-a-day care, they are never left alone.

I have began noticing, as the time passed, changes in my daughter. Maybe for the process itself… I think, ibogaine therapy is very important, because with the help of ibogaine they practically free their minds completely from the memory of drug, what I want to say is that a person leaves with their brain clear. I’ve seen my daughter’s behaviour change, the way she talks…

Even her eyes became open and clear. Everyone at the clinic was very kind to me, they accomodated me for free… Every time when my daughter was awake I could be with her… And I really advise everyone to come here, because the professionalism I found here I didn’t have chance to see anywhere else.

In order for the treatment to be successful you need minimum 18 days.

If you come for a week, that is not enough, in my opinion… So, I will be forever grateful to the doctors and staff because they saved my daughter’s life.

In our clinic for methadone and drug addiction , we have patient from all over the world: Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, UK, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Brighton, Bedford, Southampton, London, Leeds, Glasgow, and also from Austria, Italy, Usa ,Hungary, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany…