Anonymous patient from UK talks about drug rehab treatment

Also about my future plans, i were remain to stay clean, promise i made to my wife, and i will keep that promise, and also my children, the children really lot to me. And the main motivation for me to come here was my children, haven’t they see me, the way i was. First time was to myself , but the main reason this time was my family, because on the end of the day they mean more than anything to me , and my future plans will be to remain clean.

I will take a 12 month implant which i have not problems with,. Well I been addicted so i can handle that, but if i do need any more implants, because the one reason i came here, in England you cannot get implant no more, any rehab center they are not allowed to use implants. So after 12 months if i feel i need a 12 months more, i will definitely return, and anybody who is sceptical about coming to this clinic, dont be, because i was afraid, originally, to come here, to been in foreign country , and not knowing the culture etc.

People can speak English here, so you can communicate, but on the end of the day, the clinic for me personally has been very good, my experience was brilliant, the nurses, the doctors,the whole setup. And i would definitely recommend everybody to come to this clinic. Thank you.