Heroin, amphetamine addiction stories with English translation.

I had a problem with opiates and I was an addict for 14 years. Last year I felt especially bad. I suffered from psychosis, I couldn’t sleep, nor eat, the opiates were the only thing I thought about. I wasn’t participating in my own life. I simply didn’t feel well. When I heard about Dr Vorobiev institution I considered a treatment. Actually, my mother told me about this institution and that many people made it thanks to it.

From the very beginning I knew that this was an answer for me, because I have already tried various treatments, however, none of them helped. The treatment wasn’t easy because I was on a big dose of morphine. It lasted 14 days, and during that time I didn’t feel much, which was strange, only for the last 5 days I didn’t feel well. My impressions are such that I can’t say anything bad about this institution, quite the contrary.

I am a new person

People are very kind and pleasant, they help whenever they can and I have to say that it’s worth every cent. I’m very surprised that more people have not dared to come here. I’m very grateful for a chance I got, because from the moment I left here I am a new person. I’m not the same person anymore, the one I was before this treatment, for me those are two different people now.

I think differently, I live differently, my whole outlook on life has changed and drugs don’t exist anymore in my head. I don’t know what they did exactly, but I know it helped a lot anyways. As I said, I’m completely different person now and I’m grateful for that. Once again I participate in my life and it really helped me a lot. I advise everyone to do this, because if I didn’t take this chance seriously, today I would be no more.

In our clinic for opiate addiction , we have patient from all over the world: Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, UK, Liverpool, London, Newcastle. Also from Southampton, Brighton, Bedford, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, USA, Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria…