Patient from London addicted to Heroin. Passed the rapid heroin detox, ibogain treatment and naltrexone implant on 12 months.

Hi im polly, before i came to hospital i was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and drunk party much. I thought that this thing makes me happy, but they didn’t, and made everybody around me unhappy.

And i was losing contact with my family, my brother wasn’t talking to me, i’m spending hours trying a veins get rolling on my neck, i have very frustrating very expensive life style, for six years i was on heroin and for all that time my life was change.

That was just the cycle of taking more heroin to be able to do the job, to take more heroin more heroin more heroin.It was really easy and people say that i’m not myself anymore. I came here because i want to get clean, i wasn’t able to detox myself and i keep trying, trying and failing, and because i can’t failing everybody, to get overdose.

Naltrexone implant for 12 month 

My friend brought me here, and first i was skeptical of going on pain free withdrawal,i mean how could something that is painful can be pain free, but honestly it was, it really was. Any time when i feel chill i could ask for medication, every was very friendly, people inside has one rule to keep together even we have a different addiction. Although i have naltrexone implant for 12 month which its great ,it provides backup and very good support. You cannot get relaps when you have it.

I here about ibogaine treatment here, and i decided to have it. And it’s really show me lots of stuff that i lost track on, i lost track about how bad heroin was and now make me hate it, i saw how i racking my life, really.

But now i feel very confident in myself and feel 99% sure that craving is gone, i did not believe that it’s possible but it true. I just do exactly what doctors told me to do, i leaving today and feel really confident and happy, i’m back to outside,and i’m pretty sure now that drugs behind me and i will have drug free life,and that amazing thing to say.