Dr. Vorobiev: Daniela, we are very glad that you came to our clinic for help. Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you come from? What kind of problems did you have?

Patient: My name is Daniela and I’ve been living in Miami for 20 years. I’ve had a drug problem for 10 years, intense addiction actually. I was addicted to amfetaminas, benzos and suboxone, opiates in general. The last few years I’ve been trying really hard to find good clinic to go to get help and … you know, and to get back to my original self so I could lid a normal life but it was really hard.

I tried one detox place in Florida which was not good … you know … it’s like it never happened. And my mother actually starts searching a lot on internet and she came across your clinic… and she told me about it. At a beginning I was resistant because I didn’t think I had a problem, you know. Lot of times addicts think that they had things under control, when in the reality you don’t have anything under your control, and you use anything. So I gave in and I said to my mom …. Ok let’s try Serbia, and we flew here by plane right away from august of 10 I came and I was in the clinic in Zemun. That was the first treatment it was for three weeks.

Dr. Vorobiev: Did you like our clinic? How do you feel right now?

Patient: Now I fell excellent … it is unbelievable to me that I can feel like this … you know … and no substances in my body or … you know my mind is clear … so … I feel … I feel really good … and …. today is my last day here . I’m just very grateful for this clinic that exist … you know … Because otherwise I don’t know what would it happen to me … probably end up really bad … so I’m very happy … you know … the results overall and it’s a really, really good thing.

Dr. Vorobiev: Would you recommend our clinic based on your own experience?

Patient: I would recommended this clinic to friends and friends that I don’t have jet or strangers, because it’s a … it’s an excellent program you know … the procedure … everything that happens in this clinic … it really helps the person get rid of addiction it’s unbelievable … so I would definitely recommend to … to anybody actually not only friends, but to anybody that has a problem with addiction to come to this clinic … because I think it was the best choice that I made in my life.

Dr. Vorobiev: Do you feel like you are reborn after today’s therapy? It was very serious and very important therapy for you today.

Patient: Right now I feel ok, but the procedure itself was very hard on me … it was the hardest … yes definitely … you were reborn … you’re like a baby … like a new baby … like you’re died and you come back to life and you get the second chance basically… you know …

Dr. Vorobiev: You mean, it become absolutely realistic for you to have a healthy life without drugs?

Patient: Yes, I mean I done it before … you know … and I know that … that’s a normal way of life … you can’t depend on a substance … because you’re slave to it … you know … you become … you know … a slave to whatever drug it is … drugs, alcohol, whatever your addiction is … and you’re not in control of yourself at all … all thought you think that you are in control … you know … that’s why many addicts are very resistance to come to the clinic … they don’t what to go in …

I had that problem … you know … but I’m so glad that … you know … I was persuaded . It’s ok … just try it tonight … you know … and then everything flow … so … in the beginning I would understand . The patients that would be resistant to any type of treatment … but … I … from my personal experience I can guarantee that this option is the best for anybody.