I first found Dr Vorobiev clinic online on the internet. I had lots of various situations, lots of methods of controlling my opiate habit, but without success. The English system doesn’t work, they just give more methadone, more subutex, more methadone, more subutex… The idea of a painless reduction was absolutely fantastic.

How was the treatment for you here?

The treatment here I found to be absolutely fantastic. I was met at the airport by a very friendly man. He had a card with my name on, which was very, very helpful. As soon as I came here they asked me was I comfortable. I wasn’t very comfortable, as I have been withdrawing for 2 days. They immediately made me comfortable and throughout my stay, which was for 14 days, I have had nothing but fantastic service from all stuff here. They really do go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, that you have a pain free reduction.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future… I have just been given a two month implant, naltrexone, which prevents me from taking any opiates. My plan is to return here in two months for an implant which will last a little longer, which will last 9 months. My plan is to lead an opiate free life, a happy life and much of this is thanks to this clinic. Without this clinic this would not have been possible. I tried several other ways, I tried to do it on my own – impossible, I nearly killed myself. My advice: Get professional help and these people are the professionals.

OK, thank you very much.