January 21, 2020

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms and side-effects may be very hard and serious. It depends on how long a person was an alcoholic. Also, doctors have to find out how strong is an addiction.

When a person decides to start with an alcohol addiction therapy, the first thing that he has to do is to find a clinic that is the best for him. Addict’s brain becomes chemically dependent on alcohol and medical treatment is necessary. A person cannot start living normally again if the addiction is not clinically treated.

What causes alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

The main ingredient in alcoholic drinks is ethanol, which is a nervous system depressant. It makes the brain work slower than normal. During the time, if someone drinks often, an organism is developing a habit of this substance. Also, the brain starts to balance out the effect of the alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

When an alcoholic stops using alcohol suddenly, the brain stays in overdrive for a while, and that is when a person is experiencing these withdrawal symptoms. Treatment for alcohol withdrawal symptoms involves careful and temporary use of nervous system depressants that do not include alcohol.

The hardest alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Some of the withdrawal symptoms are not very hard to take. Otherwise, some of them are a treat to a person’s life. Symptoms like vomiting and confusion are normal. Stomach problems are something that every alcohol addict is experiencing.

  1. Hallucinations

A person that is seeing or hearing things that do not exist is suffering from frightening hallucinations. They start to show up around 6-24 hours after taking the last drink and. Also, they can persist for a few days.

  1. Tremors

Only a few hours after the last alcoholic drink, most people will get the shakes. Tremors are the easiest to see in the hands, but the whole body is in fact shaking. The person will also feel anxiety.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

  1. Seizures

Not everyone experiences seizures, but they may be very dangerous. Sometimes they occur within the first 48 hours. The risk for seizures due to alcohol withdrawal peaks at 24 hours after the last drink. Seizures are uncomfortable and scary. They are stopping after the third day.

  1. Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations may feel like a heart attack. Also, they may be a trigger of a panic attack. During withdrawal, it is normal that the heart is racing and beating irregularly.

  1. Delirium Tremens

This is the most serious form of alcohol withdrawal, therefore, it is an emergency situation. Delirium tremens may lead to death. The most recognizable symptoms are confusion and hallucinations. The patients are losing sight of reality and can fall into a sleepy state. This condition begins around 24-48 hours and can persist for up to two weeks.

  1. Death

In a small minority of cases, some people do not make it through detox. For this reason, doctors are not recommending that someone goes through the organism detoxification alone. Medical help is a must.

Medical help

For most people, alcohol withdrawal symptoms will pass within 5 days without any major complications. Also, medical help is a must and an addict has to search for it.

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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

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