November 23, 2020

Methadone withdrawal effects are a very serious condition that is not easy to deal with. Every withdrawal and addiction is a hard and difficult process to deal with. Thanks to revolutionary technology and medical revolution, today it is much easier to go through that condition.

Methadone is an opioid that some addicts use when they want to stop using heroin. That is when another addiction takes a primate, and also may be very difficult. Besides that, there are also many addicts that use only methadone. This opiate is exceptionally similar to the heroine but has less severe effects on the brain.

What is methadone?

Methadone is an opioid. Sometimes, addicts are using this drug in order to maintain opioid dependence or for chronic pain management. Addicts are usually using methadone orally, or rarely by injecting into a muscle or vein.

This drug was developed in Germany around 1937 by Gustav Ehrhart and Max Bockmühl. Today, it is illegal to consume this opioid except under a constant doctor’s watch. Usually, in the addict’s mind, this drug is a good substitute for heroin because the effects are similar, but it costs much less than heroin.

Methadone withdrawal effects

There are a few ways for methadone abuse. Some addicts are consuming it with heroin which is very dangerous and causes overdose and death. Also, sometimes, they are combining it with other drugs and alcohol. If a doctor gives a prescription for methadone, many patients are lying to their doctors in order to get more. Addicts, also, find a way to get street methadone.

Methadone withdrawal effects

Like any other drug, it is not allowed to consume methadone without a special surveillance of medical experts. Doctors are using methadone in some cases when a person is going through heroin withdrawal. The process is happening under clinical conditions, and the patient is never alone. Doctors are not recommending any other consumption because of the numerous side effects and problems that methadone causes.

Like with any other opioid, risks of the consumption are greater when a dose is higher. The most common methadone abuse symptoms are dizziness, sleepiness, vomiting, and sweating. Also, sometimes a person has a decreased effort to breathe and abnormal heart rhythm. Stomach problems are a very common issue. The person that consumes methadone feels chronic fatigue, sleep disorder, and headaches. Loss of appetite and weight loss are, also, common problems. Memory loss experience many addicts.

Tremors, delirium, and extreme sensitivity to pain and light cause big problems. All these and many other symptoms are a reason why methadone should not be used if a doctor has not prescribed it. Also, methadone withdrawal has to be done under constant medical care and in clinical conditions.

Methadone withdrawal effects


Doctors are the only ones that may help the addicts. The medical team from Dr Vorobiev clinic is a team with great experience and knowledge.

How to deal with methadone withdrawal effects?

The duration of the organism detoxification from methadone is three weeks, or longer, if necessary. Medical experts from Dr Vorobiev clinic are providing several different types of detoxification. Doctors are selecting the type of detox therapy individually using the results based on the diagnosis and analyses. There are a few important factors, such as the substance, dose, and duration of consumption, but also other possible health issues.

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