January 21, 2020

Cocaine addiction treatment is a very complex method of healing. Cocaine is very much different from other drugs. That is one of the substances that does not cause physical addiction or crisis. Heroin, for example, causes a hard-psychological addiction, as well as physical.

This substance creates an illusion that strength is increasing in humans. It also makes them feel stronger, smarter, and safer. A person that is on cocaine usually drinks much more and feels greater sexual power. Cocaine is, usually, a drug that people are using occasionally. The problem arises when this occasional cocaine consumption grows into years. This leads to impotence and many other problems.

Cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine addiction has to be treated in clinical conditions. It is not possible that a person goes through withdrawal by himself. This treatment is very complicated and complex because of the many possible side-effects. Cocaine that is possible to find in Europe often contains amphetamine, ephedrine, strychnine, lidocaine, and mephedrone. These are also some serious and addictive drugs. When on a self-withdrawal, many people are trying to substitute cocaine with other drugs. That does not do any good but causing other addiction, maybe more serious.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

A patient has to be in a hospital, under special circumstances and constant medical care. In Dr Vorobiev clinic, medical marvels are always at patient’s disposal and ready to help them in any way.

It is very important that the patient finds a way to the right clinic because not every single one is the right choice for him. We are making a tailor-made program for every individual. Every patient is a story for himself and we are trying to adapt our treatments for their needs.

Clinical cocaine addiction treatment

Since cocaine is very dangerous and has bad effects on the brain and other organs in the organism, medical help is necessary.

In our clinic, we are providing many different programs for cocaine withdrawal.

The first phase in cocaine addiction treatment is diagnostics. In this stage, doctors are doing a urine test, tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV infection, blood analysis, and an internist examination. Doctors are also examining psychological condition. After all these tests, the team of doctors is finding and developing a treatment strategy and plan.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment


The beginning of the therapy includes the treatment by infusion and Neuro-Jet device. The infusion is helping the body with multivitamins, minerals, and amino acid complexes. Neuro-Jet device treatment is completely painless and regulates the production of endorphin and dopamine, and also eliminates symptoms of crisis.

Psychological addiction is also very important to treat. In Dr Vorobiev clinic we are using aversive procedures. Psychotherapy is, in like manner, very effective as well as Ibogaine, according to the doctor’s assessment. During psychotherapy, we are treating psychological addiction and helping the patient to build a defense mechanism against cocaine and the desire to consume it. The therapy can be individual or in a group.

Aversive therapy helps to create a physical aversion to the drug.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

In the end, we are very dedicated to out-patient-treatment. This involves monthly follow-ups for a year. During that period, doctors are analyzing the patient’s condition and adjusting the therapy.

Why is our clinic one of a kind?

Dr Vorobiev clinic is the best clinic for healing an addiction in the region of Eastern Europe. Here, in Belgrade, we are dealing with all kinds of addictions. Also, our doctors are dedicating to our patients.

Our team consists of international doctors who have many experiences in this field. Contact us today and make an appointment as soon as possible. Addiction is a hard disease, and in like manner, it has to be treated in the right way. We are here to help, and we know that we can do it!