January 21, 2020

Many medical experts are practicing plasmapheresis against drug cravings. When an addict decides to start detoxification therapy, he needs to choose the right clinic. Every hospital that deals with this kind of problem is different and not every single one provides the best treatments.

Our clinic, Dr Vorobiev is one of a kind, because we are creating a tailor-made therapy for every patient individually. Every addict is a story for himself and has special needs and cravings. That is why we are adapting our treatments. Also, the results that we are getting are impressive.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings

Plasmapheresis is a blood-filtering treatment. The medical revolution brought many new things in all medical areas. Today, it is much easier to deal with this sickness. Addiction is possible to heal using plasmapheresis, but also xenon therapy, oxyven therapy, lymphatic drainage, and many other treatments.

Plasmapheresis procedure is a very beneficial detoxification method for dealing with drug and alcohol dependence. It has the most common application in drug detoxification.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings

The procedure has to be done in a medical facility under an expert’s supervision. During plasmapheresis procedure the patient receives medicaments through infusion and blood passes through a disposable sterile plasma membrane filter. The liquid part of the blood with toxins separates, and plasma re-enters the body free of harmful substances. After plasmapheresis, the blood is less sticky, and this contributes to the cleansing of tissue and internal organs. The patient’s general condition is improving.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings – Benefits

Plasmapheresis has a wide usage because it is the most effective method of cleansing the body. Every treatment is beginning with detoxification. Detox is very important because during this phase body is getting cleaned out from all the poisons that a person has been bringing into the organism.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings

Plasmapheresis is very beneficial in cleaning the blood, and also it is significantly reducing the risk of developing psychotic disorders. Also, this treatment is improving the tolerance of psychopharmacol-therapy as well as metabolism.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings – Procedure

Three procedures of plasmapheresis are sufficient to lead to a significant improvement of the addiction condition. Plasmapheresis is correcting the consequences of chronic usage of alcohol and drugs. Also, it allows a correction of the toxic effects on internal organs and systems in the body, and, also it is normalizing the immune system.

The number of required procedures in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction depends on the severity of accompanying diseases. Consultation with a doctor is necessary as well as constant supervision.

During this treatment, doctors are separating the liquid in the blood, or plasma, from the cells. Then, it is filtering, and, also, putting back into the body free of harmful substances. This procedure is entirely painless and has no side-effects.

Best clinic that provides plasmapheresis treatment

Clinic Dr Vorobiev is located in Belgrade, Zemun, a peaceful and beautiful part of Serbia’s capital city. We are a hospital with a long tradition that gathers medical experts with a long experience.

We are an international addiction treatment detox clinic that is equipped with new and revolutionary technology. Our Dr Vorobiev clinic is a modern medical center addiction treatment. Besides plasmapheresis treatment, we are also providing Neuro Electrical Therapy, Transair therapy, Cryotherapy, and many others.

Plasmapheresis against drug cravings

Our medical experts are the best in Eastern Europe, and they are improving themselves every day. They are regularly attending international medical conventions and symposiums that are dedicated to various problems of addiction.

Contact us today and make an appointment as soon as possle. Addiction is sickness like any other and it has to be cured immediately. There is no time to waste. We know that we can help you! It is upon you to give us a chance and to start changing your life.