November 7, 2019

Heroin detox is one and only solution for people who have a heroin addiction. This kind of addiction is one of the hardest ones, because of the destructive effect of heroin.

Heroin is a synthetic drug that causes addiction almost immediately. It has to be cured in the clinical conditions under the constant watch of medical experts.

What is heroin detox?

Heroin detox is a program of patient’s rehabilitation during cleansing an organism from heroin. Detoxification is usually the second phase in the treatment. During this phase, the patient is receiving infusion and drugs. These medicaments are accelerating the process of purifying the body from the addictive substance. Also, the body is less disturbed.

The detox method of healing is very helpful in healing and rehabilitating a patient. It reduces stressful and sometimes painful process that an addict has to go through.


There is a lot of methods for heroin detoxification, but patients may choose between seven or 14 days of treatment. After diagnosis medical experts are authorizing the treatment that is usually tailor-made. Every patient is different from another, and that is why it is necessary to adjust every single therapy.

Methods of heroin detox

The medical revolution has brought many new options for this type of drug problem. At the beginning of the 19th century, heroin was used as a painkiller. After some time, it was obvious that it causes a strong addiction. That is why he is forbidden by the law.

Still, today many people are finding a way to consume this substance. Medical experts were obliged to find a way to help them.

In Dr Vorobiev clinic, there are four main methods of the heroin detox. Those are ultra-rapid detoxification, pharmacotherapy, neuro-jet, and transair therapy.


Ultra-rapid therapy (also known as UROD) is a revolutionary and very efficient method of detoxification. The main role of this treatment is to speed up the process of cleaning the body. Also, at the same time, it reduces and shorts the intensity of crisis symptoms.

Pharmacotherapy is the most important part of detox treatment. After the diagnosis process, using the results, doctors give a prescription of medicines. Their role is to eliminate the basic symptoms of the crisis. This treatment includes therapy for the elimination of the effects of using drugs. It involves inhalations for lung cleansing, special infusions for the recovery and liver regeneration.

Neuro-Jet therapy (N.Е.Т.) is, also, a method that reduces crisis symptoms. It is a natural protection against shock, pain, and stress. Neuro-Jet is a small electronic device that normalizes the level of dopamine and endorphin in the brain.

Transair therapy is a special procedure for cerebral hemisphere harmonization. Also, this therapy is affecting the reduction of depression, sleep, appetite and mood problems. The most important thing is that this therapy reduces the desire for drugs.

Detoxification benefits

There is a lot of benefits that detoxification may provide. Not only that an addict will clear his body from the drug, but also from all other toxins that are in the body.

This kind of treatment is the best way to eliminate all the consequences and side effects of drug use. Also, the overall state of the body will be better.


There are experiences that appetite increases and sleep normalizes. Detoxification, also, strengthens immunity. It has a positive impact on nervousness, depression, and drug desire. Besides detoxification, psychotherapy has a huge role in the therapy and rehabilitation process.

Best clinic for heroin detoxification

Dr Vorobiev hospital is one of a kind in a region of Balkans. We are located in Belgrade, a peaceful area of Zemun, near the Danube river. We are offering a revolutionary method of heroin detoxification. All our procedures are entirely safe and do not cause any side-effects.

A patient is always under constant watch od medical experts.

Contact us today and make an appointment as soon as possible. Heroin addiction is one serious disease, but it is possible to cure.