November 23, 2020

Global addiction statistics are not bringing us any good news. Drug usage is increasing. Every institution is trying to stop the production, trafficking, and distribution, but it is not as easy.

Besides that, the demand for drugs is, also, expanding, and no one is paying much attention to that. Drug abuse is a huge problem because people are daily risking their life. Research is showing us that every year more people get addicted to something. It could be drug, alcohol, or gambling, but addiction is much more widespread than ever. Clinical dealing with addiction is crucial because many people are losing their life because of this issue.

Global addiction statistics are indicating bigger problems

Many institutions are researching addiction phenomenon and the results are not good. It is considered that, globally, around 30 million people are having an addiction problem. This disorder may be physical or psychological, and people are losing their life because of it.

Compering with 2017, there were around 25 million people with this problem. The death toll is, also, higher than ever. In 2017 585,000 people have lost their lives because of this disorder. More than half a million people died because they were not getting proper help in time. Every country in the world has a problem with addicts.

Heroin addiction is causing most of the deaths. Heroin is an extremely addictive drug. An addict may develop an addiction after only one or two intakes. After that, his organism is becoming tolerant and he needs a higher dose. That is when the overdose is possible. He is always searching for more. It is only a matter of time when his body could not handle it.

Global addiction statistics

Marijuana is, also, a huge problem, because many people do not consider it a drug. It is a psychoactive substance which many people use at the beginning. After that, they need something stronger. They are starting to consume other, stronger substances and to develop an addiction. Heroin and cocaine manufacture are remaining at record levels.

Global addiction statistics – How to deal with it

The amount of cocaine seized up 74 percent over the past decade. If we compare it with a 50 percent rise in manufacture during the same period, we see a problem.

Not only a state may deal with all of it. Everybody should be involved in this combat, because family and school are, also, very important.

In the first place, we need to educate children about addiction bad side-effects. It is necessary to invest in better education on drugs, especially for young people. The more they know about them, the less they will search for psychoactive substances.

In like manner, better physical healthcare is, also, necessary. People are getting an addiction to something when they have some problem and they want to escape from something. Prevention is necessary, and people have to learn how to deal with their problems in another way.

Global addiction statistics

Improving general living conditions is a crucial thing. When we all improve living conditions, people simply live better lives. When they live better lives, they are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

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