I was an opiate addict for 7 years

I was an opiate addict for very long, about 7 years and the last year I’ve had a burnout and additionally started to intravenously use opiates and cocaine and it was quite a big problem. So the burnout and the drug addiction were a parallel problem, it was maybe caused by each other whatsoever. I’m…

I was addicted to fentanyl for about 3 years

I was addicted to fentanyl for about 3 years and I was on 45mg of methadone on top of that, when I came to the clinic. The results were excellent. They were better than I expected and they were way faster than I expected. I’m a few days of schedule, I guess.

I didn’t care about anything, but the drug

Honestly, Ibogaine, you feel a little rougher for 2 days, but after that wears off, the man, or female, that you were before you ever did drugs, a new man. You can concentrate better, I find that even my vision got better. I’m very happy with what I’ve got out of this program.

The idea of a painless reduction was absolutely fantastic

I first found Dr Vorobiev clinic online on the internet. I had lots of various situations. I had lots of various situations, lots of methods of controlling my opiate habit, but without success.

29 years old with a 9 year history of opiate dependence

All the staff are so attentive and I can’t thank everyone enough for the whole support… I look forward to my clean future and aim to integrate back into life, into the real world.

How to kick opiate addiction

I’ve been addicted to opiates since I was 15 years old and as I said I’m now 44, I’ve only had minor breaks in my opiate addiction but for the last 28 years I’ve been addicted to methadone which I note now to be true that it is the hardest of all opiates to come off…

Ibogaine treatment for fentanyl abuse

And thanks to Ibogaine and this place here, I have my life back and I think I will never go back to fentanyl. I could put my life on it. Of course, I can’t know for sure, in the future, but it really feels like I never ever again will take fentanyl. So I really recommend Ibogaine.

Rapid opiate heroin detox experience patient from Miami

My name is Daniela and I’ve been living in Miami for 20 years. I’ve had a drug problem for 10 years, intense addiction actually. I was addicted to amfetaminas, benzos and suboxone, opiates in general. The last few years I’ve been trying really hard to find good clinic to go to get help and…

Rapid opiate detox under anesthesia my experience + naltrexone implant

Patient from London addicted to Heroin. Passed the rapid heroin detox, ibogain treatment and naltrexone implant on 12 months. Hi im polly, before i came to hospital i was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and drunk party much. I thought that this thing makes me happy, but they didn’t, and made…

Oxycontin addiction rapid detoxification methods, Patient from Toronto

Patient from Toronto. 31yo. Addiction on Oxycontin for years, The daily dose is up to 400mg intravenously. Passed opiate detoxification and Ibogaine therapy. Goes home with hope. I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’ve had addiction for 10 years with opiates, Oxycontin, Dalada, Morphine. Oxycontin…

Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification UROD patient from Paris

Rapid and ultra rapid opioid detoxification techniques at dr Vorobiev clinic. Patient from Paris. Heroin addiction for 6 years. Passed Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification. No symptoms of physical withdrawal at the end of 5 day in-patient treatment. Received 12 month Naltrexone implant.

Methadone withdrawal treatment center, ibogaine treatment and recovery program

I brought my daughter to this clinic because she wanted to get rid of methadone. She was very afraid of withdrawal crisis and Italy didn’t provide any possibilites for treatment. We arrived here and she was a bit afraid in the beginning, because here, at certain moments, they put people to…

Detox from methadone treatment quick ultra rapid detox and neuro jet therapy

Daniela: Hello, what’s your name? Mikela: My name is Mikela. Daniela: Mikela, how old are you? Mikela: I’m 26 and I come from Italy. Daniela: Alright, what was your problem? Mikela: I had problems with methadone and heroin. Daniela: What dose of methadone and what dose of heroin did you…

Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, europe, facilities, success stories

Daniela: Hi, what’s your name? Marco: My name is Marco. Daniela: Where are you from, Marco? Marco: From Milan, Italy… Daniela: How old are you? Marco: 44. Daniela: Marco, what was your problem? Why did you come to this clinic? Marco: I had tons of problems. I was using heroin, cocaine…

Opiate addiction treatment centers in Europe, opiate withdrawal treatment

I had a problem with opiates and I was an addict for 14 years. Last year I felt especially bad. I suffered from psychosis, I couldn’t sleep, nor eat, the opiates were the only thing I thought about. I wasn’t participating in my own life. I simply didn’t feel well. When I heard about Dr Vorobiev…

Methadone detox center, addiction rehab treatment and recovery

Patient: Hi guys, I am from Italy, I live there, but I am not Italian. Daniela: Hi, where are you from originally? Patient: I am from Bulgaria, but have been living in Italy for the last 8 years. Daniela: What was your problem, and how long has it lasted? Patient: My problem for the last couple of..

Addiction to methadone, heroin, cocaine, ibogaine treatment center

Marko: Hi guys, my name is Marko, and I am from Italian region called Veneto. Daniela: Hi Marko, you are from Veneto… Marko: yes… Daniela: and what was your problem? Marko: my problem was getting rid of my addiction to methadone, heroin, cocaine and other substances. Daniela: why did you..

Methadone detoxification under anesthesia success stories

PATIENT: Hi, I’m from Italy. I had a problem with Methadone addiction. And I was seeking for help. DANIELA: What was your dose of Methadone daily and how long did you use it? PATIENT: 50mg per day for almost 20 years. DANIELA: Have you ever tried self-medication or medical treatments at other…

Detox and ibogaine treatment Dr Vorobiev clinic

Patient from Italy. Hard core multiple drug addiction. The main problem is Methadone addiction combined with long term heroin use. Underwent the full course of drug addiction treatment including Ibogaine therapy. Currently is on long term Naltrexone implant program. Clean. Three months after…

Drug detoxification program and naltrexone implant procedure

Patient from Greece.27 yo. Heroin addiction for many years. Passed ultra rapid opiate detoxification and went on Naltrexone implant program for one year. After one year of being under naltrexone protection lost craving for drugs, gained ability to control his behavior, obtained a good job…

Detox from methadone treatment methadone addiction experience

35 y.o. patient from Sweden. 12 years of drug experience. In 2001 survived critical septic condition with symptoms of thrombosis, circulatory and multiple organ failure as a result of using drugs intravenously. Since then was permanently on Methadone of 60mg daily. After completion of…

Substitol 800-1200 mg per day

Substitol 800-1200 mg per day i.v. Patient from Austria. Long term addiction on opiates. Opiate replacement therapy by Kompensan for two years. Abused Kompensan by using 800-1200mg intravenously. Underwent drug detoxification with following mental dependence treatment. Currently is on Naltrexone treatment.